Data Science for the Hortonworks Data Platform

  • Duration: 3 days
  • Our price: from £1,734 per person

Course overview:

This course Provides instruction on the processes and practice of data science, including machine learning and natural language processing. Included are: tools and programming languages (Python, IPython, Mahout, Pig, NumPy, pandas, SciPy, Scikitlearn), the Natural Language Toolkit (NLTK), and Spark MLlib.


Delegates must have experience with at least one programming or scripting language, knowledge in statistics and/or mathematics, and a basic understanding of big data and Hadoop principles.
Delegates new to Hadoop are encouraged to attend the HDP Overview: Apache Hadoop Essentials course.

Who Should Attend:

Architects, software developers, analysts and data scientists who need to apply data science and machine learning on Hadoop.

Training Course Overview/Content:

Recognize use cases for data science
Describe the architecture of Hadoop and YARN
Describe supervised and unsupervised learning differences
List the six machine learning tasks
Use Mahout to run a machine learning algorithm on Hadoop
Use Pig to transform and prepare data on Hadoop
Write a Python script
Use NumPy to analyze big data
Use the data structure classes in the pandas library
Write a Python script that invokes SciPy machine learning
Describe options for running Python code on a Hadoop cluster
Write a Pig User-Defined Function in Python
Use Pig streaming on Hadoop with a Python script
Write a Python script that invokes scikit-learn
Use the k-nearest neighbor algorithm to predict values
Run a machine learning algorithm on a distributed data set
Describe use cases for Natural Language Processing (NLP)
Perform sentence segmentation on a large body of text
Perform part-of-speech tagging
Use the Natural Language Toolkit (NLTK)
Describe the components of a Spark application
Write a Spark application in Python
Run machine learning algorithms using Spark MLlib

This course is running at the following venues:

3rd Floor, International House, London, E1W 1UN

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